Engaging global consumers to create a powerful origin brand


Challenging terrain

People today have escalating choices about what they eat, combined with a growing wariness of the ethics and sources behind how their food is actually produced. In order to build deep trust and connection with customers in global markets – and command a premium – Beef+Lamb NZ needed a unifying story and brand with real meat to it.

World view

We led the story development by delving into the minds of customers from eight established and emerging markets around the world. In a fluid process that wove together in-market empathy research, inspiration, prototype testing and iterative thinking on the fly, we validated the need for an ‘Origin story and brand’, and set about crafting the narrative.

True story

The brand promise, Taste Pure Nature, is an invitation to experience unique flavours, born of an authentic origin and approach. Crafted into a unifying brand strategy and story, Taste Pure Nature stands for something meaningful and powerful in the minds of customers – connecting a sense of place, healthy animals and passionate people, gifting a unique, premium eating experience.


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