Launchsight is focused on developing and launching new consumer products and scaling them in international markets 


We are a community of expert product and brand design practitioners, drawn together by a shared passion for helping businesses realise their aspirations ...quickly and efficiently.

Specialising in consumer goods across the primary industry, food & beverage, sports, apparel and agritech sectors, Launchsight works directly with select group of business leaders to refine and validate their thinking so they can enter new markets with the confidence and conviction they need to succeed.

Launchsight is one of a few very select approved partners to deliver New Zealand Trade & Enterprise’s Better By Design programme, which is focussed on helping local businesses succeed in international markets through coaching staff in design thinking. 


Our approach

Launchsight’s ethos is simple – what is the fastest and cheapest way to learn as much as we can to build world-class ideas for our clients and activate them to win in-market?

We bring focus and a disciplined agility to commercial creative challenges. We get our hands dirty with clients, working with them in-market to connect directly with real customers to get real insights.

We believe every project, every market and every customer is different. We therefore design individual programmes that fit with clients’ individual needs and ambitions.


Know thy supply chain

What sets Launchsight apart from others is our combined experience in, and understanding of, the complexities of supply chains and the importance of getting them right when trying to launch and commercialise new products in foreign markets. 

The knowledge and experience building supply chains provides a unique and dynamic skill-set that is critical in helping New Zealand export companies create tangible value offshore.